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Dear Journal,

This is my first journal entry in you. We’re supposed to write in our journals every day for the last five minutes of writing class. I just moved here from California. I hate Texas. It’s my first day in middle school here. My dad’s job caused the big move. He’s part of the military. We move every three years. I never even bother making friends because what’s the point? I’m just going to have to leave them sooner or later. But all that’s supposed to change this year. this is my new permanent home. My dad decided to quit the army after this move because him and my mom got divorced last month. I’m living with my dad. The only thing that keeps me happy is Peaches, my 7-month old yellow lab. He is so adorable. (He doesn’t exactly look like a yellow lab though.) I’ll tape a picture of him at home: 

Peaches. Isn't he adorable?

 My best friend, Rachel calls me every day. She still insists that we’re best friends even though we live so far away. I hope I find someone as loyal as her here in Frisco, Texas.


Alexa Robins


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