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Dear Journal,

Today my dad said there was a beach in Frisco. Although I knew there wasn’t I was so desperate that I let him take me there. The beach ended up being a dog beach. The dog beach was really a dog park called a dog beach. Isn’t that weird? Everything here is so fake. Nothing’s real. No stars live here (but a lot do in Dallas). My dad probably just brought me here to cheer me up about being away from the beach. He said he knew that it was a dog park called a dog beach which he called a beach. I hate it here. Oh, and mom is coming next week. She’s so awesome. Hopefully she’ll rescue me from this horrible place. She still lives in L.A. so it would rock if she took me back with her. Oh, and there should be a pic of me in here. I’ll tape it:

Me! In L.A. Pro picture

I have to go. Sorry I couldn’t write longer.


Alexa Robins


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