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Dear Diary,

I only have two minutes to write in you today, so I have to make it snappy. I just wanted to write that people here share the same celebrities that they like. Like Demi Lovato. I love her! And Selena Gomez. Taylor Swift is pretty good too. Miley Cyrus is okay, but the Hannah side of her is ridiculous. Seriously, it’s just her in a ugly wig! The real Miley is much prettier. It’s amazing how much hair can make someone look prettier or uglier right?! I told the people that I might end up being friends with what I thought, and they completely agreed with me. they even invited me to a sleepover! It’s great! And they’re not even popular, so it’s even better! I know they won’t ditch me like popular girls definitely would. Well, I have to go. I told you it would be short!




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